2008: My Writing Year

2008 was a good year for me.  I continued to have sales, mostly flash fiction.
I also tackled the backlog of stories that I had been accumulating over the
years.  I have story notes, false starts, and scraps of ideas that date back
to 1978, though the majority are from the mid-1990’s.  I had a chunk of
vacation time in December, and planned on clearing out a good bit of this
backlog, but a persistent head and chest cold dogged me all month, and I did
not feel comfortable submitting.  I don’t trust my brain when it is clouded by
fever or medicated to the point of drowsiness.  For the record I am still
sick; this is the worst cold I have had since returning to Ohio in 1999.

I am getting writing done, albeit slowly, but am waiting for a clearer mind to do
final edit passes and submissions.

One change in my process for 2009 is that I am going to give serious effort to writing some fiction each day.  I have set a minimum word count of 100 words because I can kick out that many words in a very short amount of time no matter the circumstances.  You know, like those days I am trail building, am attending Origins, or am on a business trip.


I wrote 12 stories.

I sold five stories, and had another selected for a reprint.
“An Awakening of Shadows” will be in Carnivah House’s “The Infinity Swords” Anthology.  This is the longest story I have sold to date.
Three flash stories sold to Every Day Fiction. — “All That Glitters”, “My Day Off From The SETI Project” and “Becoming Cottontail”.  All three of which were published in 2008.
“Language Barrier” sold to Abandoned Towers magazine.  This story is part of
the same milieu, which I think of as “the warp lane”, as my previous story
“The Journey.”

Then there was the news that really surprised me and to me is a big deal.  Every Day Fiction picked my story “The Journey” to be included in their “Best of Every Day Fiction 2008” print anthology.  This is my first reprint sale and is available for purchase.

Postponed Success
The publication date for “An Awakening of Shadows” is still to be announced.
“Language Barrier” will appear in the March 2009 issue of Abandoned Towers.

A rewrite request submitted to Every Day Fiction for my story “VPN Doesn’t Work” is still pending, but I feel very good about its ultimate acceptance.

Success in Limbo

As of one second till midnight, 31 December 2008, seven stories were out in the wilds of submission.
I parked one humor piece.  I like its theme (anti-Mundane SF) and will likely revisit it should an appropriate market appear.  It is silly/campy and I am not quite happy with it.
I have two stories currently undergoing final editing, and three stories started.

Overall Stats

12  Stories written
2  Carryover stories from 2007
38  Submissions
5  Acceptances
1  Reprint Acceptance/Selection
3  Rewrite Requests
26  Rejections
4  Publications
7  Pending in Submission


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