Abandoned Towers has Language Barrier

My flash fiction story “Language Barrier” is now available in Abandoned Towers #2.

Abandoned Towers #2, March 2009

Abandoned Towers #2, March 2009

This marks the second time a story of mine has found a home in print medium.  This apparently is important to me.  I grew up seemingly with books in my hands.  I was, and still am–time permitting, a voracious reader.  Over 95% of my recreational reading is off-line, with a book or magazine in my hands.  I will read on-line fiction, but nothing of any great length.

This is perhaps why I submitted this story to the print version of Abandoned Towers.  Or perhaps it was because the pay was better.

In either case, there are some very good stories, in addition to mine, in this issue of Abandoned Towers.  Click on the image of the magazine cover to purchase a copy if you are so inclined.

While you are at it, go ahead and check out the stories in the free online version of Abandoned Towers.   But if you want to read any of the stories in the print version, you have to buy a copy.  The content of the two versions do not mix.  Print is print, online is online.

I had a lot of fun writing “Language Barrier”.  Because it is flash fiction I can’t say much about it, other than it focuses on myopic bureaucracy.  It is part of my Warp Lane milieu, and is contemporary (time-line, not location) with my story, “The Journey”, which focuses on myopic social attitudes.

If you happen to read it, let me know what you think.


One Response

  1. Congrats … you are showing up all over the place now!

    I’ll probably be able to get to this one in the a.m.

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