About that VPN…

My flash fiction story, “VPN Dosen’t Work” is up today at Every Day Fiction.

I find that I am just a little nervous about this story. It uses computer technology as its base to drive the plot. I am a computer professional. If I got something substantially wrong about the computers, it will be embarrassing. Luckily, the editors had me remove some computer jargon to make the story more accessible to non-computer readers, and that should help smooth over any problems. I can always claim poetic license as it were… but still… if I missed some detail…

I am exited about this story because I am hoping that its protagonist will be a publishable recurring character. He has been bouncing around in my mind since 1981 or so, thanks to Frederik Pohl and his Heechee Series of novels. Thank-you, Frederik (and thank-you Robinette Broadhead) for stories that have stayed with me all these years.

I love science fiction, and I hope you like this latest attempt of mine within the genre. Let me know what you think!


2 Responses

  1. So I guess the best way to get you my RSS feed is to just post the link here…

    http://jethelred.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default shazam

  2. You should be able to put an RSS widget on your blogspot page for people to use to subscribe.

    Personally, I prefer linking and checking individual blogs even if they may not have updated with a new post (or comment). Gives me a chance to explore the blog… like your ‘MYTUNES’, ‘DUGG’, ‘ME TUBE’, etc.

    I don’t RSS within wordpress, I use Yahoo as my RSS reader, but really don’t follow much.

    I am curious if you have read the comments about my VPN Story?

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