‘How Odd’, I thought

I had a very odd thing happen to me earlier today.  I was working on a story that has a character I used in a previously written story.  That is not odd.  I have several serial characters.  When I am working on a story with one of these characters I try to keep the character consistent, often referring to the text files of that character’s other stories.  What is odd is that today I could not remember the exact name of a philanthropic effort of McKaleb Yazzie.  I spun in my chair, pulled a magazine off my shelf, and looked it up.  How odd it felt to be looking up information about one of my creations in a magazine sitting on my shelf.  McKaleb is the protagonist in “Language Barrier” published in Abandoned Towers #2.  I wonder if other writers have had similar experiences…  I got goosebumps!
I have been taking a break from making myself write every day.  I was thinking about doing it, when on April 1st I just didn’t squeeze in the time to tap out 100 words.  I haven’t written everyday, but I have written.  I have also been editing stories that I finished the first draft on.  When I start back to working on “writing” everyday on May 1st, I am going to either write at least 100 first draft words, or edit for at least a full thirty minutes.  I have five or so first draft stories waiting for polishing.  I need to get those out to slush piles.

And speaking of slush piles, I have two stories that have passed inital slush readings and are being considered for publication.  Each is at a venue I really like and want to break into.  Fingers crossed.


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