Perfectly Good Guitar

My friend Steve has been taking us on trips down memory lane with his Tuesday Tunes (Four Lane Highway edition).  Needless to say I have been on a big music kick for a few weeks now.  I have the itch to sing.

I got to thinking about songs that Four Lane Highway (FLH) could have performed, if we were still jamming and still picking up cool songs to cover.  And by cool songs, I mean songs that might not be part of the mainstream consciousness.  Regional bands like McGuffey Lane, lesser know national bands like the Danny Joe Brown Band; we covered songs from both.  I am talking about Wilco, John Hiatt, John Prine, Cross Canadian Ragweed and many others.

I listen to music when paying bills on the weekend and when a less than mainstream tune gets me to singing along, I’ll post it.

As part of the continuing coincidences that are my life, after I decided to do this, one of the songs I was thinking of played on the internet radio I was listening to.  It kicks off my Weekend Tunes postings:  John Haitt – “Perfectly Good Guitar”


5 Responses

  1. Cool idea … the FLH that might have been.

    Rocking tune, too. Thanks!

    But now, what will John post? Songs that FLH would have performed if FLH had been a polka band?

    • John wanted to expand our instrument base. So, songs that FLH would have performed if we’d had more members, keyboards, horns…

  2. Actually I would lean more towards some of the newer progressive rock … I agree Deven, My son has enlightened me to some of today’s great music as well.

    Dream Theater – Mike Portney is this generations Neal Peart

    – Wait for the Drum solo

    Porcupine Tree – Some very interesting stuff

    I lean towards great musicianship these days … :)

  3. wow…

    Was not trying to embed those link, just link to the pages

    • WP is a bit overanxious to automate things these days.

      I was aware of Dream Theater, but Porcupine Tree is new for me. Thanks.

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