Blue on Black

Another Weekend Tune.

“Blue on Black” captured my attention the very first time I heard it. I didn’t know who performed it or even the correct title. Eventually I googled the lyrics and discovered who performed it, and was surprised.

Kenny Wayne Sheppard is a fantastic guitar player. Possibly the Clapton of his generation. In the following video he is on the left, black sweatshirt, black bandanna. The lead vocals did not sound like Kenny singing, and it was only when I watched a video of his band performing it did I realize that someone else, not Kenny, was singing. Noah Hunt provides the lead vocals. His voice has a fantastic quality, and I think Hunt is perhaps one of the most talented, yet unrecognized, vocalists around.

The album version of the song is fantastic, but I am presenting an acoustic version here. It shows the talents of both Sheppard and Hunt, and it still rocks. This is also one of the songs that inspired me to want to learn to play the guitar properly.

Here is “Blue on Black” – The Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band.


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