The Best of Every Day Fiction Two

The print edition of “The Best of Every Day Fiction Two” is now available in hardback and paperback at the publishers site and on major bookseller sites like Amazon and B&N.

In keeping with my shameless self promotion activities, I am happy to say that this anthology contains my story “Becoming Cottontail”.

But wait, that’s not all.  Those with connections to Waverly, OH will also find “Waiting To Pounce” a terrific little horror story by my friend and fellow Waverly High School class of ’79 alum, Steve Goble.

If having two, count them, two Waverlyites in one volume doesn’t convince you to take a look, then I should probably mention that the anthology also contains 98 other flash stories by many excellent authors.  (For those that don’t know, flash fiction stories contain 1000 or fewer words, which is the perfect length for those of us with short attention spans.)

With apologies to my ego,  “Becoming Cottontail” is not my favorite story in the volume.  That honor goes to Erica Naone’s heartrending tale “Home to Perfect”, which should be read with The Outlaw’s “Green Grass and High Tides” playing in the background.  You can read her story during the guitar break.