My Stories


  1. The Journey {Warp Lane continuity}
      at Every Day Fiction, 13 Nov ’07;
      reprinted in The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008, 21 Nov ’08;
      (blog entries [Acceptance] [Publication] [Anthology] [Antho. Pub.]) 
  2. All That Glitters {Stand Alone mainstream}
      at Every Day Fiction, 20 May ’08;
      (blog entries [Acceptance] [Publication])
  3. My Day Off From The SETI Project {Stand Alone mainstream}
      at Every Day Fiction, 22 Aug ’08;
      (blog entries [Acceptance] [Publication]) 
  4. Becoming Cottontail {Stand Alone mainstream/modern fable}
      at Every Day Fiction, 11 Sep ’08;
      reprinted in The Best Of Every Day Fiction Two, 15 Jan ’10;
      (blog entries [Acceptance] [Publication] [Anthology] [Antho. Pub]) 
  5. Language Barrier {Warp Lane continuity}
      in Abandoned Towers Magazine, Issue #2, March 2009
      (blog entries [Acceptance] [Publication])
  6. VPN Doesn’t Work {Digizen files}
      at Every Day Fiction, 22 Mar ’09,
      (blog entries [Acceptance][Publication])
  7. How The Human Got His Free Will {Stand Alone modern “just so”}
      at Every Day Fiction, 25 Nov ’09,
      (blog entries [Acceptance] [Publication]) 

Sold, returned by publisher

  1. An Awakening of Shadows {Age of Mechanicians milieu}
      originally sold to The Infinity Swords anthology from Carnivah House
      (blog entry [Acceptance])
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