101 Things, 1001 Days

101 Things to do in 1001 Days (finish date: 27 MAY 2010)
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regular – not started
italics – in process
strike through – completed

For Me

1. Continue each day to remain free of addiction
2. Get rid of 101 things I don’t use
3. Stop a bad habit
4. Do one of those postcard community things (ideas online)
5. Get an MP3 player
6. Exercise some each week for my back (80%)
7. Stay within the 175-185 weight range
8. Find Hot&Sour Soup recipe I like

Work Things

9. Learn Java (counts as continuing education)
10. Miss no more than three deadlines
11. Document what that person said
12. Organize and/or delete old work emails
13. Clean office
14. Keep office clean


15. Go to local short track race
16. Visit Ohio Historical Center
17. Visit two other OHS sites
18. Go to a McGuffey Lane show
19. Buy an acoustic guitar Christmas gift!
20. Learn to play basic/intro level guitar
21. Learn to read music
22. Give 101% into performance for Jingle Bell skit
23. Give 101% into performance for comedy dinner theater role

Family and Friends

24. ‘Get Away’ with Doris
25. Start college fund for Owen
26. Work with Dad and Darlett on Farm ownership

Family History

27. Organize Family History records
28. Computerize Family History records
29. Get Uncle Andrew’s files from farm
30. Work on my Uncle Andrew book idea
31. Scan Aunt Gloria’s pictures and return them


32. Organize medical bills
33. Create better system for keeping track of medical expenses
34. Max out work 401k
35. Pay off Credit Cards
36. Keep Credit Cards paid off
37. Only eat dinner out once a month (exceptions, birthdays, CLH dinners, planned celebrations, trips)
38. Investigate ‘Diesel from Plastic’ as business opportunity
39. Redo budget


40. Attend at least 80% Pike Heritage Foundation meetings


41. Sort and examine then store or cash in coin hoard
42. Organize the collection
43. Go to at least one coin show

Outdoor World

44. Hike/walk 1001 Miles
45. Fix logging damage to my section of the Buckeye Trail
46. Visit 10 Ohio State Parks or Forests I have never been to

  1. Adams Lake State Park/Adams Lake Prairie State Nature Preserve, Adams County, near West Union

47. Maintain my section of Buckeye Trail once per month (weather permitting in winter)


48. Set up 101 tracking page
49. Move web pages to sciotowireless and discontinue brightnet
50. Keep Penny Lane website current/ add donation button
51. Get Cache for home computer
52. Clean up out old files on home computer
53. Clean up computer parts
54. Build computer from spare parts
55. Install Linux on a rebuilt computer

Outside the House

56. Get outdoor faucets fixed
57. Build new pallet for trash cans
58. Weed flower garden and install ground cloth
59. Remove fir tree stump
60. Power wash back of house/return power washer
61. Weed and fix back and side flower beds
62. Kill poison ivy along property line fence
63. Take care of lawn mole problem
64. Get rid of brush/woodpile
65. Use last of gravel pile and smooth over
66. Work on front ditch drainage (pave it?)
67. Reroute gray water air vent (out old dryer vent)
68. Get van coolant leak fixed Used van as trade-in instead
69. Get Loyale out of driveway

Inside the House

70. Replace both couches
71. Order air duct filters, and keep them in stock
72. Clean toolbox and return all tools
73. Find storage for nuts, bolts, etc.
74. Assemble Owen’s room bookcase
75. Assemble whatever that is under the foot of our bed
76. Replace master bath shower door
77. Fix/replace broken doorknobs
78. Build or get bookshelves
79. Clean out behind family room couch
80. Clean hall closet and use it
81. Clean non-decor things from around fire stove
82. Paint hall, family room, kitchen
83. Help get sideboard refinished
84. Help get hutch refinished
85. Clean the garage
86. Keep garage clean
87. Reorganize the attic
88. Remove Christmas decor by January 10th each year (starting 2008)

Written Word

89. Catalog all my books
90. Get all my books on shelves
91. Buy a copy of Carnivah House publications for Pike Co. Library
92. Expand Asimov collection by 10 books
93. Read all Hugo Award winning novels (through 2009)
94. Write something each day; focus on fiction
95. Join Critters or other critique group
96. Sell a story

Everything Else

97. Donate blood 5 times
98. Save $1 a day for a special purchase
99. Design embroidery map of Waverly
100. Finish design and piece four season farm quilt
101. Find and Laminate my EKG for trips/etc.

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