A Parent’s Nightmare

(Everyone is okay)

The phone rings.  It seems that some lady decided to go the wrong way down a one-way street in Portsmouth.  Chris was going the correct way and could not avoid her.

Head-on collisions scare me.  Most people don’t realize just how violent they can be even when low speeds are involved.  The laws of physics, conservation of motion, kinetic energy, the effects of frail bodies bouncing around inside steel shells: I know enough about these things to understand that I should be scared.  While waiting to see if Chris needed us in Portsmouth, I decided to take a walk to drive off the nervous energy.  I got about .3 mile when Doris pulled up in our car to head south.

Chris could not avoid the other car, but he was able to scrub off a lot of his momentum.  Thank goodness for good brakes and good tires on our 1985 Nissan pickup truck.  The right front fender and bumper were crumpled, and thanks to the tow truck driver, he pulled the fender out so that it would not rub the tire, the pickup truck is still drivable.  Based on the age of the pickup, the insurance company will want to total it.  I am not sure I want that.  I couldn’t replace the truck with anything else, based only on its bluebook value.

I am going to check the front end and make sure no supports have been broken.  If that is the case, then I am going to loosen the fender bolts and hammer the sheet metal a bit straighter,  replace the side running light bulb that was broken, align the headlights and put it back into Chris’ hands.

Chris is okay.  The truck is a little banged up.  I should be able to relax, right?

Heh.  Tell that to the nightmare that woke me up this morning…


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