I say we test water-boarding…

{the political lamp is lit}

Sorry folks, I’ll get back to reviews and the like soon. I really didn’t want to jump back in with a political post, but sometimes…

The subject is water-boarding. What set me off was the following statement: “I’m finding out just how long I can go sleep deprived. You know, running for office is sort of like being waterboarded, I think.” — Mike Huckabee

His statement is just another in a line of politicians from both sides of the aisle that dismiss water-boarding as not being “real torture” because the subject’s life is “never really at risk.”

I say we test it. Go out and grab all of these smarmy politicos and water-board the heck out of them. Huckabee might even agree to do it voluntarily just to prove his point. But I wonder how he would feel after being subjected to the procedure for a while? What would he think if he told the interrogators that he changed his mind about being “waterboarded” equating to lack of sleep, and they kept on doing it to him? The entire point is to keep at the victim until they are truly and completely broken emotionally and mentally. How would Huckabee followers feel if, as a result of water-boarding torture, he suddenly threw his political support behind a third party nazi or communist candidate.

I mean, really! Do these people honestly think that just because there is no imminent threat of death that it is not torture? You could cut someone’s arm off without anesthesia without killing them. So, is vivisection not torture?

Let’s get real. Knowledge that you are not going to die is part of the torture. It is the repetition without any end that breaks the mind and emotions. And that is exactly what water-boarding does.

There is one question I’d like to ask all these idiot politicians. Would you say it is okay for another nation to subject your loved ones to water-boarding, or would you scream about torture?

Torture is vile.  Rant over…


2 Responses

  1. Waterboarding Mike Huckabee … now THERE’S an idea.

  2. No imminent threat of death means it’s not “real” torture?

    I immediately thought of when our bird is periodically screeching for no reason. It’s hell waiting for when that next screech might come. You tense up even when he’s not actively torturing you. I can feel my blood pressure rising and my head starts pounding. I suppose if it went on long enough I might have a heart attack or my head might explode. Eventually, I can’t take it anymore. The good news is I can walk away from him. Even leave the house if need be.

    However, I haven’t been restrained by arm guards.

    I’m not belittling the torture by comparing it to what I’ve experienced with our bird. I know this is nothing compared to that. But if this NOTHING can get me so agitated, what is that very real torture doing to the prisoners?

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