Who’s my Boss? – Part III

{work rant}

It has been less than a year since the last reorganization announcement from the bosses, and we get hit with a new one.  Things are not much different.  I did not know who my direct line bosses were anyway.

There is a person in an acting position as my project manager, and a person (I have narrowed it down to one of two people) who is in an acting position as my leave approving supervisor.  That’s right these people are “acting”.  They are not permanent, and they have other primary duties.  I haven’t had a permanent supervisor in a very, very, long time.  I don’t think that I have been under-supervised because I am held in high regard by the bosses.  It think that is it because I am part of a dozen or so developers who work without causing any waves.  Being overlooked is fine with me.

The name of the “office”/”arbitrary division”/”group” that I belong to now is OED (likely to be pronounced “owed”).  That’s right, OED.  Oxford English Dictionary.  That is the only thing I knew OED stood for until this morning.  Since other people were guessing what OED stood for (i.e. Overly Educated Dimwits), the bosses finally told us.  OED= Office of Enterprise Development.   That’s me!  I develop enterprises!  The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) defines enterprise as “undertaking”.  Oh!  That must mean I write software for undertakers…

Think I am being overly silly?  Heh.  The bosses are the ones that have lost it.  It seems that they define enterprise as a business.  This then means that I am developing software for the commercial entity known as the VA.  Except…  The VA is part of the US government an as such can not run a business, unless they play shell games like they have for the US Postal Service.  To put a finer point on this “enterprise” in the name, the government has been directed to hand out for free, as defined by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), any software that is developed.  That’s our “business” model.  Write software and give it away.  (Hey, if FOIA includes the word “of” in its acronym, shouldn’t we?  That would make us OOED, likely to be pronounced the same as the word used to describe the word people say while watching fireworks–“oooooh”.)

Office of Enterprise Development.  Sheesh.

Beam me up, Scotty.


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