Investigating Narvik

It is amazing the things you can find when doing research via the internet. Even though I am writing fantasy/science fiction stories, I feel that getting basic facts correct is very, very important. It adds to the realism, the believability of the story.

I am working on a story based in the “Thistlethwart” world I created. This story takes place in the fjords of northern Norway known as the Nordland–specifically the town of Narvik. Early in WWII Narvik was a key port and also her fjord was a key shipping lane needed by the Germans. The Norwegian army, aided the British and her allies, gave Germany its first land battle defeats of WWII. When the allies had to pull out of Norway in early June 1940, Germany retaliated against the citizens of Narvik by bombing the sleepy fishing village.

I wanted to get a feel for the geography to make sure my descriptions of the fjords and woodlands and mountains were correct. I came across a YouTube video of modern day Narvik and the opening had just the kind of visuals I needed.

However, the information in the video sucked me in. The citizens of Narvik have been attacked again. This time this time by the sub-prime thieves of Wall Street. If you are interested, take a look. I really need to do a blog entry about my reaction to this entire sub-prime kleptomania.

Because of the stories I have written, and am writing, for the “Thistlethwart” alternate history, I have done a lot of investigation into some of the lesser know events surrounding WWII that were not propagandized or popularized. Most US citizens don’t even know that Norway was a major enemy of the Nazis early in WWII, and that is a damn shame. The WWII Battle for Norway has intrigued me since I was a small child and read the book “Snow Treasure” by Marie McSwigan. I find that I am exited to be writing a story based in that beautiful part of our world.


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