Overview: Central States Numismatic Society

I am a hobby numismatist. I also delve into exonumia. Which are just the technical terms for coin collecting and “things that look like money, but aren’t” collecting (tokens, medals and the like). This is probably my most laid back hobby, and provides me with the calming zen-ish relaxation that I need from time to time. I don’t spend a lot of money this hobby.

It seems like I have spent less money on coins these past few years than I have on my membership to coin clubs. I dumped the national American Numismatic Association a few years back because of some decisions they made that were not good for the membership nor the hobby in general. Not wanting to totally distance myself from the hobby, I hooked up with the regional club that includes the state of Ohio, the Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS).

I am glad I did. The quarterly publication, The Centinal, does a fantastic job of keeping me updated on show dates and happenings within the hobby. From time to time the annual CSNS coin show is held in Ohio, primarily in Columbus or Cincinnati. I really like walking around the bourse, the fancy name numismatists call the vendors room, and looking at all the coins that are out of my price range. I have purchased a few coins, but not many.

I have two different collections that I am attempting to finish. The first is United States one cent coins. This is the collection I started as a kid and most of it are made up of coins that I pulled out of circulation. I am now filling in the holes by buying cents that visually match those well circulated coins of my childhood. Most vendors only bring high end, high priced, minimal wear and tear coins to these shows. It has been difficult to put together this low end matching set.

The other collection I started around 1996. It is a collection that is going to include an interesting coin, token or medal that was minted during the birth year of my ancestors. It ties into one of my other hobbies, genealogy.

I have promised myself that I will get to some of the smaller coin shows here in Ohio and in northern Kentucky. I am hoping that the dealers at these shows will be smaller and have a better selection of lower priced coins. Thanks to the CSNS, when I finally get around to actually doing this, I’ll know exactly where to go.


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